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Maximize your process and your end product

These online resources can be invaluable in developing communications that build relationships.  The initial phase of this links page features brainstorming tools as well as references for writers.  Check back for additional references on design, creativity, and business communications.

Brainstorming and Visualization

  • Free Web-based tool for mind mapping and concept development. Fast and easy tool compared to professional mind-mapping and concept-mapping software.


  • Free Web-based tool for creating word clouds. Developed by Jonathan Feinberg, Senior Software Engineer at IBM Research. Great tools for visual thinking and brainstorming.


  • Collaborative mind-mapping software for personal, business, and academic communities. Numerous platforms for Web-based, mobile, and offline.


  • Of course Macs are different from you and I. So MindNode provides a Mac-specific platform for Macs to do their mind mapping. In the 1.+ stages of development, Pro versions and openware are available.  First learned about MindNode through Twitter #ideachat.

Marketing Strategy


  • Excellent quick check to confirm and update your understanding of strategies.


  • Community-based dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations. Search alphabetically or by category.

Acronym Finder

  • Searchable dabase of 4 million acronyms in numerous categories.


  • Online publisher and network of numerous reference resources for authors, educators, and students. Downloadable e-books include William Strunk Jr.’s  Elements of Style.

Buzz Phrase Abbreviation Generator: Acronym Finder

  • Definitely for fun. Random generator of  quasi-corporate phrases with accompanying acronyms. Based on Philip Broughton’s Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector

Keyword Discovery Free Search Term Suggestion Tool

  • Free search tool for top keywords compiled from major search engines. Sponsored by Keyword Discovery. Keyword Discover also provides subscription-based search optimization research and tracking services.

  • Community-based dictionary of colloquial expression, and compound phrases. Part of

Snappy Words

  • Visual dictionary that precisely distinguishes word relationships. Features “lexical database developed by Princeton University and made available for students and language researchers.” Mozilla search engine available.


  • Java-based interactive dictionary and thesaurus that creates visual word maps of your search phrases. Offers limited free searches. Also available for subscription or purchase. Mozilla search engine available.


  • List generator of vocabulary appearing in any supplied text. For creative professionals, provides an interesting visual quick-check of copy.
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