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Elizabeth McCaffrey - headshot

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Elizabeth A. McCaffrey, Marketing Writer | Creative Consulant

Providing: Branded Content and Relationships

Semper Cogitans!

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Delivers Web 2.1 branded marketing relationships. Teaches interactive creative strategy; authors books. Walks avidly, sketches passionately. Here’s more

100 Words

20+ years of response-based copywriting and creative consulting have distilled into a mantra for me: Engage, enhance, and empower. These three cogent words can be scaled to any business goal, creative assignment or brand/customer relationship. The result is creative product that is richer, more relevant to customers and communities. The creative process itself is enriched with spot-on dialogue and methods that build a creative eco system. Ultimately, customers and creative talent are each empowered to seek, share and achieve more.

200 Words (with pictures)

  • Are you a Mensa-certified genius?
  • A NASCAR enthusiast?
  • Or simply an investment banker trying to rev up your fashion profile during tough economic times.

Then you know me already — through award-winning, record-setting marketing campaigns I’ve worked on and developed for global brand and market leaders over 20+ years.

My copywriting and creative direction effects changes by calling people to action. That’s the pitch part.

Now for some CV highlights:

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Business, New York University
  • Author of Elements of Direct, Interactive and Multichannel Marketing (DMEF, 2004) and Creative Elements of the Direct Direct Response Message (forthcoming, 2012).
  • Chief Creative Officer, EAM Creates, an interactive marketing consulting firm.

Perhaps the best way to learn more is to click through and visit me 360 on Delicious, Vodpod and Twitter. Visit LinkedIn for my full professional profile.

Best of all, follow, post, and join in the Urban Bellwether community. It’s open — peers helping peers do more and stay true to your best creative talents in a Web 3.0 world.

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