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Think of a bell, ringing.

The sound doesn’t change as it moves through the environment. Instead, the environment changes.

Twenty-plus years of creating response-based advertising has taught me this: Effective messages help change peoples’ lives.

Through Urban Bellwether, it’s my goal to track three footprints in the urban community of niches, flocks, and peers:

  1. Engage: How to develop and maintain impactful communications.
  2. Enhance: How to improve the creative and business eco-systems in which we operate.
  3. Empower: How to maximize our creative talents — learn to enjoy it all.

Hopefully, Urban Bellwether can help improve the clarity, impact, and relevance of every message you create.  Why is that so important?

  • Your client’s customers may assign more value to their brand and peer relationships.
  • As creatives (aka art directors, copywriters and the rest of the team) you can approach your work with greater confidence — and satisfaction.
  • Your business organization can thrive and sustain a creative ecosystem.

This blog is on a mission: helping you stay true to the core drivers of communications, commerce, and community. Welcome your thoughts and posts. Share the link with your colleagues.


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