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Upstairs, downstairs at the digital household


Advertising Age (April 9, 2012) reports on a new study that describes two types of digital users

  • Digital Natives – those who have grown up in a digital universe
  • Digital Immigrants – those who have come to the digital universe from the shores of TV, print, and radio.

What’s so interesting is the behavior of these Digital Natives. Commissioned by Time Warner’s Time Inc., Boston’s Innerscope Research conducted a non-scientific study 30 digital natives. These young adults in their 20s  followed their media-content whims for 60 minutes. Researchers found that they jumped ship and “switched” media 27 times in the space of an hour.

Imagine what that means for a standard :60 minute commercial television slot that leaves 14-16 minutes for advertisers. These digital natives may not be opting-in to the media or the programmer or the show. Instead, they’re controlling the content of individual whims. How do advertisers compete with that?

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Interestingly, the Magazine Publishers association (MPA), explored the ratio of time spent to advertising’s impact in 2009. Magazines, it seems, came out on top, i.e., suffering the least damage. Marketing Charts featured this earlier study in Magazines Reap Most Ad Value Per Minute via Media Buyer Planner.

If the latest results scale, does this mean a new placement model for advertisers and publishers. It certainly seems that brands will continue to follow the content, creating their own highly engaged hubs. It also seems ripe for gamification that will provoke digital natives to follow the trail of content across media and engage with it actively.

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