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How Etch-A-Sketch® Wins the Popular Culture Vote


Legendary brand Etch-A-Sketch®  now has a new legacy that manufacturer OhioArt® (NASDAQ: OART)  didn’t plan for. This children’s toy is now part of 2012 U.S. Presidential history— at least the run for office. Sen. Rick Santorum jibed his opponent Gov. Mitt Romney and the rest is history. For OhioArt, the toy’s maker, the beat is on to buy, enjoy, and engage.

  1. Vote 1: All word-of-mouth is good.

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    Thu, Mar 22 2012 20:00:00
  3. The saying goes that any word of mouth — positive or negative — is worth it. It’s all about brand recognition, buzz, and free advertising. People who never heard of this classic boomer product suddenly become aware, interested, and freshly loyal. And not simply as buyers and users, but investors.
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    My friends, I don’t know what an Etch-a-Sketch is, but one of my friends owns Ohio Arts.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 13:22:50
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    I should have bought Ohio Art stock. The price tripled since Etch-A-Sketch-Gate.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 14:08:32
  6. Vote 2: Etch-A-Sketch sales are quickly on the rise.Share

  7. Not sure why, but I have this strange feeling that I should go out and by an Etch-a-Sketch before they are all gone.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 14:02:21
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    Etch a Sketch sales are booming because the Republican candidates are entertainers…? What does an etch a sketch have to do with your vision for the country?
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 14:01:26
  9. And then there’s culture. The brand’s culture — two-handed sketching from knobs that resembled a TV screen — lived on in our collective. That’s what makes it a natural fit for political banter where you see talking heads of politicos on every screen in front of you.
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    Etch a sketch …We have a left knob and a right knob so we naturally appeal to both parties.Appeals to all politicians. They just shake it up and whoever pays for the next sketch so turns the knobs.
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 13:22:56
  11. Vote 3: The earned media is intense!Share

  12. Maddow Explains Why An ” Etch A Sketch ” Is A Perfect Analogy For Mitt Romney
    Thu, Mar 22 2012 21:59:31
  13. The more you try to distance yourself from this crazy metaphor, the more you recall the product’s best features. You could “erase” a line simply by rolling back your knob.
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    Santorum tries to erase Romney Etch A Sketch comment: First Read: Rick Santorum is walking back his Romney Etch A Sketch comment sayi…
    Fri, Mar 23 2012 14:27:32
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    Thu, Mar 22 2012 20:00:00
  16. Vote 4: There’s brand culture coming from every corner.

  17. What’s fascinating is that Etch-A-Sketch struck a cord with late boomers in the ’60s. Like Lego, there was always room for creativity and people could bring their own life lessons, experience, and wisdom. It’s even become a great medium for timely folk art. Jane Labowitch, for example, sketched this portrait© of Rick Santorum and posted the result to
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    Life is like an Etch-A-Sketch…if you mess up, shake it off
    Wed, Mar 21 2012 17:32:32
  19. Who could ask for more than this – a free instructor’s guide, published by venerable
  20. Vote 5: Brand culture opens doors to very interesting places.

  21. Etch-A-Sketch even strikes a cord with iPad users, if you look at this interesting sleeve posted to Pinterest. Something visually interesting about the sketcher and the technology achieving the same from significantly different price points. These nostalgic knock-offs, reintepretations, or folk artistries vett the childlike wonder of creativity and free expression. Who doesn’t want a share of that?
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    Wed, Mar 21 2012 18:11:17
  23. Not to be outdone, there’s even an app for that when all the rhetorical dust settles. The brand will live on and the experience will never end. Just shake and start over. Can’t wait to see an etched Justin Bieber portrait.
  24. What are your thoughts about brand culture?

  25. While brand identity is a sure thing, what is it about brand culture that makes it a hit or miss. Can you truly create a culture or simply plant a seed and see what develops. Is culture enough to sustain a brand? Log on to add your comments. Also share the link with a friend.

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