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Do customers recall your brand by smell?



Your brand has a scent — real or imagined — with power to influence awareness, recall, purchase, and loyalty. That means, every brand has something to learn from fragrance brands. It can serve as a subtle make or break in building a branded relationship for the long term with your most profitable and loyal customers.

Example: Johnson’s Baby Powder

Johnson’s Baby Powder is one venerable brand that pioneered the trademark scenting-awareness-brand method of engaging an audience. Comments to a brand Pinterest board suggest that the fragrance of newer brands evoke the aspirations of a fresher, younger audience. For example, Andrew — @Redtype — of Redtype Design observes:

redtype Depends on which generation u were born in. I suspect the younger ones may not know this as well as we do…

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

In a Q4 2011 Houston Chronicle article, Maggie Galehous notes that Procter & Gamble has invested heavily in scent as a means to build brand loyalties of emerging Latino communities. One person’s exotic, is another person’s home-style. That’s why you see many more flavorings in food and natural ingredients in personal care.

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