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Vote for your fave Delicious tag cloud palette



Every month in 2012, look for tag clouds featuring my curated Delicious bookmarks. In addition, you’ll find a lively analysis of the issues driving social media and relationship marketing. So vote early — and share with colleagues!

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(Poll below) Grayscale January tag clouds are ready to publish except for: a 2012 tag cloud palette is in order. Here are three samples. Which entices you most for tagging my curated collection of social media articles?

Source: Uploaded by Elizabeth on Pinterest

Palette One: Notepad

Based on the Apple Notepad app, it makes a nice complement to the Urban Bellwether digital landscape. With a tweak or two, it will work its way through the seasons with nice play of urgent business to cool data topics. Share your thoughts here or click and comment on Pinterest.

Source: Uploaded by Elizabeth on Pinterest

Palette Two: Fine and Vine

Fine and Vine is my special favorite, but it can be strong on the eyes. The extended palette from rich green to spicy magenta covers the full scope of social media conversation – from the aspects of community building to the news-busting, disruptive campaigns that have become the norm in our Web 2.1 world. Complementaries are always a big winner and fit with every news season. Comment here and click through to Pinterest where you can share your ideas.

Source: Uploaded by Elizabeth on Pinterest

Palette Three: Your Inner Cobalt

Your Inner Cobalt palette works like a great business conference wardrobe. You’ve got enough deep blues to stand out and appeal to the C-level with core info, you’ve also got some playful greens and golf-inspired blues to add some visual eye candy about fun campaigns and trends. Vote/comment here and also on Pinterest.

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