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Delicious Tag December: Who Wins? (Slides)


The customer wins, but why?

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It’s not surprising that customer-service, business, and social media end up as the top tags from my December Delicious bookmarks. The fully frenzied 2011 holiday marketing season saw a tsunami of online, mobile, and-in store shopping. The National Retail Federation reports an estimated $496.1 billion ( But there’s always frenzy. Remember Cabbage Patch Kids?

New research explains the CXO rise (customer experience optimization). Customer self-advocacy is the Web 2.0 norm. Empowered with Web 2.0 resources like Yelp and ComplainApp, they seek out and share the good, bad, and not-so-nice. In fact,

…47 percent are likely to tell a company representative; 17 percent will express their opinions via social media; and 15 percent will write a review. (Spherion, TechJournal South)

This does bring up the larger issue. How are companies going to turn experience into loyalty?

Consumers are also remaining loyal to the businesses that treat them well. Ninety-seven percent said a great experience makes them more likely to buy more of a product or repeat a service, similar to last year’s 98.6 percent. (Spherion, TechJournal South)

What’s ahead? Add your thoughts.

Now that expectations have been set and met — or not — businesses and brands are charged with maintaining the 2011 holiday shopping experience (online, mobile, or in-store). That’s a pretty tall order for 2012.

Thanks readers for your rising interest in these tag clouds. Please weigh in on customer experience and 2011 holiday marketing from the advertiser, agency, or consumer point of view.

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