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Making Delicious in November: my top 5 bookmarks


Activity through engagement, gamification, and consumers speaking up.

With a 2011 holiday season on the way, there was no retreat from hard business news and bookmarks on Delicious. This November, the news that caught my attention was all about blinking and thinking of enterprises, their customers, and thought leaders. In particular:

  • Companies were blinking in the face of strong customer dissatisfaction.
  • The FTC denied web access to e-commerce site selling fake brands.
  • A Harvard thought leader took long look at gamification and what it means for the current practice of social media.

Everywhere you see the impact of Web 2.0 — from news sites to e-commerce programs for small businesses. Here are the top five tags from my delicious stack.

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Retreat From Debit-Card Fees Continues

Published: Tuesday, November 1, 2011 As of 12:00 AM, New York

Excepting Bank of America, BAC (NYSE), reports, banks have blinked over their decision to implement debit-card fees. It anything demonstrates the power of disruptive consumer empowerment, this does. A new day of customer engagement and management takes hold. How does this impact traditional measures like customer lifetime value and shareholder value?

Note: Several days, later Bank of America did cancel plans to implement debit-card fees.

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MindFlash Makes It Easy to Create a Training Program — and to Charge for It –

By: DAVID H. FREEDMAN, You’re the Boss, Blogs,
Published: September 13, 2011,

E-Learning program offers paid and non-paid options. Great tool for e-businesses.

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The Big Question for 2011 – Will Gamification Change Social Media – Umair Haque – Harvard …

By: Umair Haque, Leadership Forum Harvard Business Review
Published: Saturday, December 18, 2010 at 11:17PM,

This major thought leader ponders the imminent changes in store for social media with the adoption of gamification. That’s the practice of using gaming techniques to effect social or behavioral change in a common setting. How will social media engagement become more focused and vested? Is that a good thing?

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3Cs Creativity Leadership-Forum Gamification trends

150 domain names shut down in probe of counterfeit goods, CNN

By: Terry  Frieden, DNN Justice Producer,
Published: updated 2:29 PM EST, Mon. November 28, 2011,

More than 100 e-commerce retailers will remember 11/28/11 as Big Bust Monday, not the Black Monday of frenzied online holiday shopping over which they schemed and plotted. The FTC shut down the domains of numerous e-commerce retailers for selling fake brand merchandise.

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How Gamification Can Make News Sites More Engaging

By:  ,
Published: October, 26, 2011

Digital journalism has reached its own 2.0 shores with the rise of gamification. This feature provides how-tos while reviewing the implications.

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What are your thoughts?

Do you apply gamification techniques to your marketing and or journalism practice? Is that a good thing to advance the practice or is it an all-fail technique to save marketing or journalism as you know it. Share your thoughts here, click, and comment.
Here’s a slide presentation of the tag clouds. See how the story and buzz emerges.

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