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My October Tag Cloud Smackdown (Slideshow)



October tag clouds don’t lie.

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Empowerment is the byword of consumers these days. So why do engagement and enhancement win the smackdown? It’s simple: Empowered customers have gained the upper hand for the moment. The Web 2.0 implications are now playing out, big time.

Empowered customers expect to be fully engaged and served at an enhanced level. Did you know…

  • Netflix® (NASDAQ:NFLX), reports MediaPost, may have lost 600,000 of  its 24 million customer base due to a flip-flop enterprise reorganization.
  • Chapstick® (NYSE: PFE) lost significant social media face by deleting comments from its Facebook fan page.  Thanks to @redtype for the lead.
  • Bank of America (BAC) blinked when 200,000 customers organized and demanded cancellation of a planned debit-card fee program.

What’s the message behind October’s Delicious tags of bookmarked articles?

Companies are relearning the marketing essential. The cost of customer retention is significantly less than the cost of customer acquisition. So, customer experience optimization (CXO) is prime. And that means engagement and enhancement at every touchpoint. Nearly half of my delicious bookmarks merited one or both these CXO tags.

A late lesson from the customer engagement desk.

At 1pm Tuesday, Bank of America retrenched on its planned implementation of a debit card fee program. Later in the day, reports noted  how BOA stock has taken hit in the recent turmoil (down 6.3%). Makes you wonder if the victory went to empowered consumers or to BOA in creating a media distraction involving bloggers like myself.

What are your thoughts? Will offers of enhanced customer relationships continue to trend. Are we seeing an emerging pattern in commerce, loyalty, and branding? Look forward to your remarks.

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