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Here’s my five-brand favorite sandwich


OK, a recent WordPress postaday got me: describe your favorite sandwich. There was no doubt it was that Thanksgiving evening Turkey sandwich.  It’s more than a sandwich – it’s a branded experience of hunting, gathering, cooking, and enjoying.  Step by step, here are the five brand ingredients.

1. Begin with a Butterball Turkey.

1. Butterball Turkey

1. Butterball® Turkey

Follow my mom’s advice and plan one 15-pounder for every six to seven guests. If you buy one big whopping turkey, it takes longer to cook and can get very dry. This also ensures there will be enough for the main feast and sandwiches later on. Butterballs are known for their juicy, firm texture. Bring out your best carving knife for thin breast slices, and a smaller knife for the wings and legs. Everyone gets their pick of light or dark turkey sandwich bliss.

2. Get the bread — is it any Wonder?

Wonder Bread

2. Wonder Bread®

If you’ve read this far, “soft” bread isn’t a health issue (at least for this sandwich)! Toast or simply warm each slice of Wonder bread, white or whole wheat as you like.

2a. Stuffing, freshly made

At one time, Wonder would distribute unsliced loaves just for making stuffing. The crust offers great crunch; the insides soak up the spice.

3. Slice some Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce

Ocean Spray Jellied Cranberry Sauce

3 Ocean Spray® Jellied Cranberry Sauce

You know the kind from the can with those festive rings around it. Turkey at the bottom, covered with stuffing, cranberry on top. Ocean Spray is a worldwide favorite.

4. Top with Helmann’s Mayonaise

Hellmanns Mayonnaise

4. Hellmanns® Mayonnaise

What more can I say. Slather your Helmann’s thinly over the top of the cranberry spread slice. (See there’s a method to this branded baby boomer madness!)

There you are! Slice on the diagonal or vertical as you like. (This too must be carefully considered and respectfully observed, as it affects the taste somehow!)

5. Add some B&G Condiments

B&G Condiments

5. B&G® Condiments

B&G — then a regional NY condiment manufacturer — was a mainstay at our supper table. Dill pickles, pickle relish for those who chose. The tangy, pungent crunch adds a nice balance to the tryptophanic Turkey comforts.

Have I forgotten anything? Dessert and beverages. But that’s at least two more posts.

Why the brand sandwich?

Well, we are a brand nation. Helping my mom shop, I would be sent in search of certain icons and brand names. So the munch and message are one in the same for me.

What’s your experience? What’s your favorite fall sandwich. Do you associate certain sandwich ingredients with certain brands.


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