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Welcome to my feature frenzy: September on Delicious



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It’s a feature frenzy on my Delicious

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There’s hardly a social networking platform that hasn’t been refurbished and publicized this September. Facebook held its F8 conference while Google+ formally launched/opened through powerful word-of-mouth. Even supplanted tag bundles with new stack storylines.

Here are my top five bookmarks for September 2011.

It’s hard to look and know which articles offer the right answers about new social media features and their implications. Here are some of the smartest for micro details and macro observations. For brand feature stories, visit me on delicious.

Let’s begin with the dissonance of gamification and equalization.

‘Gamification’ Is Serious Business For Marketers |

By: Anoop Sahgal, Senior Manager, Suite Marketing, Adobe Systems, exclusive
Published: September 14, 2011

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Great how-to for implementing gamification into a branded customer relationship. Even more, the author describes the proper CMO attitude for approaching gamification. It is always a “tactic” and never a “strategy,” he exhorts.

By: Tom French, Laura LaBerge, and Paul Magill, McKinsey Quarterly, Marketing & Sales Practice
Published: July, 2011
It’s 2011. Get over it brands and non-social enterprises. Consumers expect and demand to be part of the process. As these McKinsey Marketing & Sales Practice experts observe, “In the era of engagement, marketing ‘is’ the company.”

Gamification represents a tactical method for engaging consumers and directing a branding experience. The level of participation can range from low to frenzied, but the marketer is always aware of and intent on achieving a goal. At the other end, Web 2.0 transparency and fluidity means there are no “clean” markets for testing new ideas or fully controlling an experience.

Now to Titantic battle of social media tech features: Google Plus or Facebook?

After a 90-day beta, Google+ is an open community except for one thing: business profiles. Here’s what’s underway to make the change and have users o0gling in new branded experiences.

Published: September 20, 2011
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Here’s the latest chapter in Facebook’s iconic brand dilemma, new subscription features that put privacy at risk. Subscribers must be significantly proactive to opt-in and set overall and individual settings.
By: ,
Published: September 20, 2011
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Branding and technology continue as BFFs in the fight for customer engagement that yields long-term loyalty. Are Google and Facebook followers brand-neutral, loyal to the brand, or just adopters of the next, best feature? Great thought piece from

Is feature-rich what social media fans want most?

Will the features shift Web 2.0 to the advantage of the tribe, the enterprise, or the shared experience (aka “the brand”). Please add your comments to this selection or individual articles.
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