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The Internet Rules: My Top Five August Bookmarks

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All Delicious tags lead to the Internet.

It’s so obvious that it’s startling. The “launch” of the Internet in August 1991 drives every story, pixel, tag, and click that relates to each of these bookmarked articles and the stories they share.  Naturally, the Internet and all its technology have created new Web 2.0 behaviors and experiences.

Here are my top five bookmarks (articles), August 2011.

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These featured articles highlight the related aspects of Web 2.0 creative customer ecology. That is, curating a thriving ecosystem of branded Web 2.0 experiences and relationships. For Apple, broad seeding came first through television and word-of-mouth. Now, Google+ has plans in the works to provide brands with a “like” button. What could be more different yet similar.

Apple Ads: Steve Jobs’ 10 Best Apple Advertisements | News – Advertising Age

By: News,
Published: August 24, 2011
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Television: Do people respond to the message, the creativity, or the advertised brand product? That’s the ultimate advertising question. Apple and Steve Jobs stand atop the media mountain, responding “yes” to all three options. How interesting that the enterprise that gave us personal computing relies on mass marketing and word of mouth.


Google+ partners with Bazaarvoice, PowerReviews on +1 referrals | DM News

Published: August 26, 2011
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Brands may soon be setting up their own Google+ circles using the potent Google Like button. BazaarVoice (social monitoring) and PowerReviews (social review) are teaming with Google to launch the new feature. Currently, Google+ serves personal accounts only. The e-commerce cat fight between Google+ and Facebook heats up. Consumers win (privacy not considered).


Behavioral Economics Applied – Gamification – Digital Influence Mapping Project

By:  John Bell. Digital Influence Mapping Project,
Published: August 29, 2011
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John H. Bell is Global Managing Director at Ogilvy’s 360 Digital Influence team. In this blog post, he weighs in regarding recent  Gartner Research views about gaming (lukewarm, apparently).  Crafting a healthy argument, he reviews how gamification is endemic to Web 2.0 living, brand-sponsored or not. We seek community, interaction, and storytelling.


Online Coupons Boast High Redemption Rate – eMarketer

By: (Research by NCH Marketing Services)
Published: August 18, 2011
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Couponers — old and new — maintain a unique sub-culture, complete with their own behavioral economics (see Bell, above). But now, digital promotions continue to trend higher redemption than offline paper siblings. Is it the recession, Web 2.0 technology, or empowered consumers? Online couponers engage and interact directly with the brand, well before the shopping cart.


How Retailers Can Improve Product Visibility Using Structured Markup | Search Engine Land

By: Paul Bruemmer,
Published: August 4, 2011 at 9:22am ET
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What’s the first step to engaging customers? Engage search engines with semantically-linked data. In this way, surfer shoppers will get the full “picture” — text and images — to enhance their shopping experience. It’s easier than ever, it’s totally “white hat” reports Bruemmer. With new Google algorithms, it’s no longer a maybe but a must for retailers.


American Video Habits by Age, Gender and Ethnicity | Nielsen Wire

By: Nielsen Wire
Published: August 1, 2011
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The latest Nielsen Cross-Platform Report (free) provides essential reading for every Web 2.0 marketer. This post from Nielsen Wire highlights findings and includes sample charts. Women, for example, are TV loyal; men stream online (aka Venus/Mars). Full report (pdf) can be downloaded from this page.

A sister-post, August Tag Smackdown, gives you a different look. The connection of  Web 2.0, customer-experience, and empowerment is very clear. Feature articles from:,, DMNews,, and NielsenWire.

Is empowerment the new engagement?

How do you assess any of the articles presented, or the selection as a whole. Is a semantic web world more engaging for consumers and worth it for enterprises? Please add your comments to this selection or individual articles.

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