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Vote Here – Next Centennial Brand Storify



What is it about 1911 that saw the launch of so many 21st century iconic brands?

Perhaps the five best known are Nivea, IBM, Tony Lama boots, L.L. Bean, and Whirlpool. There are certainly case and social studies to examine the business models of these industry and brand giants. It’s also worth examining from the plain-spoken point of view: narrative and storytelling.

Introducing 2011 Centennial Brands, (via storify)

As a relationship marketer, this called for a different type of study: a Storify. Entitled 2011 Centennial Brands, Nivea’s Rise to Iconic Brand Glory, the first profile, published 8.17.11.  Simultaneously, the celebration was crashing and called for an update,  Nivea’s Centennial – The Crash and Burn, published 8.21.11.

Poll closes Tuesday, September 6th. The Storify will be published Wednesday, September 14th, 2011. (Just in time for the weekly #brandchat on Twitter.)

Have you managed one or more of these brands directly— from the inside or as an agency pro? Contact me directly  or post your comments below. Will be happy to add your comments or arrange an interview. Thanks for your participation.

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