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Nivea’s Rise to Iconic Brand Glory

Nivea Creme

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(storify – eamcc) In 1911, Nivea (Beiersdorf AG) invented the face and form of modern skincare. Then, “class” was the only demographic; “upper” the only market. Nivea created this luminous creme with one goal: affordable skincare for every woman. Now in its centennial, Nivea is celebrating and rebranding (Draftfcb, agency) while the promises and message ring true across media channels and around the globe.

Today’s Storify catalogs Nivea’s rise to iconic brand glory.

Browse/scroll through any one of these six galleries:

  1. EVERYDAY WOMAN catalogs touchpoints and sweetspots of day-to-day feminine skincare.
  2. ULTIMATE WOMAN – Global celebrity Rihanna lives out female aspirations, serving as Nivea’s Centennial Spokeperson
  3. THE CENTENNIAL BRAND Campaign (Draftfcb agency) outlines the campaign along Beiersdorf plans for repurposing and rebranding the mainstay of their consumer product shelf.
  4. GLOBAL REACH highlights Nivea’s success with globalization / localization. Tweets, posts and links from – US, Spain, India, Vietnam, Philippines, and Australia.
  5. MANPOWER documents Nivea’s growth of the male skincare market.
  6. BRANDPOWER equates affordability at the counter level with prime investment status (US: BDRFF).
  7. Library
  8. Closing

Here’s a link to the full Storify

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P.S. Next centennial brand – IBM. Follow me on storify get the full 3-part series.

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