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My Delicious tag smackdown: July 2011

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July ’11: Advertising smacks down Web 2.0

Advertising leads the way of my July Delicious tags — and it’s not even summer movies! Instead, the news buzz is all about blockbuster brands that power up their tribes with a simple mention of their name. (Did we say Kraft (NYST:KFT), ColorForms, Spike Lee, and Malcom Gladwell?)

Let’s jump in with the five most engaging articles mid-summer 2011, published by Adweek,, Forrester Blogs, Mashable, and

Kraft Spiffs Up Its Old Brands –

By: Julie Jargon,
Published: June 30, 2011

Kraft embraces the highs and lows, love-hates of consumers with its venerable Miracle Whip and Macaroni & Cheese brands. Will tease-y TV-Facebook engagement lead to “cheesy” new markets and increased sales?
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Spike Lee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From Marketers, Talks Personal Branding | Adweek

By: D.M. Levine, Adweek
Published: July 5, 2011

Great post serves as case study in building and growing a personal brand — before and beyond social media. Lee describes himself, notes Levine, as “relentless in seeking out exposure.”
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Where advertising and Web 2.0 meet

And that’s what’s interesting — how personal branding and advertising seem to be meeting at an unplanned touchpoint. People advertise themselves through social media to create a personal brand. Meanwhile, media pros and outstanding talent like Spike Lee have expressed taking slow steps into the social media playing field.

Where engagement meets empowerment

A Consistent Customer Experience Requires Consistency In Managing Voice, Electronic, And Social Interactions | Forrester Blogs

By: Kate Leggett, Kate Leggett’s Blog, Forrester Blogs
Published: July 16, 2011

Kate Leggett, who serves business process professionals, argues wisely for cross-platform technology that creates a seamless, consistent customer experience. Outlines technology that makes it possible.
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How Are People Really Using LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC]

By:  , Mashable
Published: July 9, 2011

Nearly 20% of LinkedIn Users don’t post a profile photo? How’s that possible. Very interesting study via Lab 42 reveals usage patterns from C- to entry level.
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No wonder then, that the next biggest tag is Web 2.0 (see wordprint). Neither can be ignored or presumed or classified as “media dissonance.” There’s a lot of activity going on in the middle. Look at Kraft that, just last week, announced splitting the company along new product lines. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It does seem to confirm the necessity and ROI of managing a seamless customer experience for brand value and bottom line.

Here’s an article for the record books

Sculpture milestone for e-commerce –

By: David Gelles and Barney Jopson (New York),
Published: July 17, 2011 5:36 pm

With the biggest auction price ever, this sculpture signals that the luxury market is here to stay on E-commerce.
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What’s your experience?

Do you venture into Web 2. waters only to find a rip tide of advertising principles? Or is “advertising” the board to help ride the waves. Please share your experience, comment on an article, or share a link of your own.

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