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Wimbledon fans win at center court


The Wimbledon Net Mix program arrived at an opportune moment for followers of the sport, who have long complained about the racket made on court, chiefly by female players.

Listening distinguishes great brands from not so great. Listening is core of the Wimbledon tennis experience. Passionistas sit silently for every move from the center court. Not any longer. They squirmed and shouted over the rude, loud behavior of the competitors in what many described as a grunt vs. tennis match. So it’s fascinating to see how Wimbledon responded with a new product that solves the problem of its most loyal customers and superfans. The new radio system filters out the grunts and gives tennis followers the sweet swift silence they have been shouting for. Sounds like a win-win for players and viewers. The brand game goes to Wimbledon.

What’s your experience of brands who listen?
Do you have an experience of a brand that listened to you individually as a consumer, or as part of a community. Does social monitoring only do part of the job? What’s your professional advice for brands that don’t listen, seeing it as a cost not an investment.

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