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Creative ecology equals customer ecology



Maximize the value of existing resources: backtest, reuse, upuse. It begins with response – proposition, confirmation. The yield is an experience, and engagement (both micro and macro) that yields measurable enthusiasm.

Instead of reinventing the experience, customer ecology reinvests in customers, acknowledging their role and value in the process.

Through a century of mass marketing and branding silos we’ve trained consumers to become expert navigators in managing the clutter. With Web 2.1 there is no “beta” market for testing known from unknown (i.e., the scientific methods).

bar chart of digital marketing components

Followers expect digital engagement

Customers want and expect to participate.

More important, customers feel a right to participate. If you don’t believe that see Facebook and the number of non-sponsored brand sites launched by loyal customers.

Even luxury brands “get it,” posts David Rogers, a digital marketing specialist. In How Savvy Brands Use Facebook, he notes

luxury brands have taken the plunge, with nearly all of the top 100 luxury brands managing their own Facebook pages

What creative ecology means for your brand

Fear is not a digital strategy. Listen to your customers. You may even find that your customer base has shifted from a true north to a northeast of new demographics or new behaviors. The creative ecology comes in crafting engagements that meet expectations and that presume participation. That’s the new “scientific method” of the digital age.

What’s your experience?

How has digital changed your creative expression and process? Does your marketing reflect your customers, or do customers reflect your marketing. Please post your comments here with WordPress, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also bookmark and share with a friend.

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Chart from Marketing Profs.

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