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Increase your mobile marketability now!



Mobile apps are all over the tweet beat, according to this week’s Web 2.1 Roundtable.

The most startling of stats reports a 91% increase in app usage since June 2010. (Mark Walsh, Media Post, 6/20/2011)

How does this startling number (+90%) compare with your personal or professional experience? Are mobile apps at the top of your 2011 initiatives? If your enterprise already offers mobile apps, has usage gone up? As a consumer, have apps become a way of life for you or people you know?

What is the Web 2.1 Roundtable?
This weekly magazine curates a 360 tweet alert of the Web 2.1 world. Each contributor is an expert in a select aspect of the market. To receive direct e-mail updates, please click and subscribe at The Web 2.1 Roundtable

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