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Who’s got your color brand love? Test it here.



Color: Let’s test share of experience.

Crayola, Pantone, and Sharpie Markers  define the expression “brand dominator.” Each was first on the market and has cultivated steady loyalty into superfandom. Each customer base is quite distinct, leading to a unique branded experience of an ordinary task. Here are two essays that test their combined fan and market domination using a simple measure: share of experience. It’s a triumvirate of engagement, enhancement, and empowerment.

Photo Essay: Who loves your brand

Color stick or chips, these are just tools to help us capture light.

Yet, it’s hard to imagine any one of these color experiences — child, designer, illustrator— and not recall of the brand! Pick the color, pick your brand. Seamless and solid passion follows both — it’s that simple. This phase of the test uncovers engagement and enhancement.

Crayola Crayons - "I've never seen a  Purple Cow.."  .. (( 1978 ))time to drawCrayolaCrayola - 1903Pantone Cocktail Party5Steve shows off the prints his group made
pantoneEno T NapSharpie RevolutionOrange Sharpie TwoSharpie Markers (64-365)
Sharpie Marker

Color Brand dominators, a gallery on Flickr.

Buzz Essay: Who hearts your brand

In Web 2.1, there’s only one question: empowerment. Who hearts your brand passionately in 140 characters, likes, and customized experience? From Crayola, the oldest brand (1903), to Sharpie, the newest (1963), all have captured the social media market and regularly engage their superfans. In fact, each of the brands has loyal groups on Flickr.

Here are three social media essays curated and published with

  • Pantone – The brand dominator of commercial color
    Compared to Crayola couldn’t be further on 4Ps horizon. Yet it owns just as much fierce loyalty. Scratch the surface of a designer’s professional PMS satisfaction and you’ll still find pure creative delight.

See a new principle at work? It’s share of experience measure. How closely a business enterprise and its followers identify a common life experience through a brand.  Sure,  hexidecimal #30BA8F is good for talking production and design. But ask the wonder-filled child, they’ll shrug their shoulders and pick up  Mountain Meadow (Crayola, 1998) to describe the day.

What’s your experience of share of experience?

Do you process some information or experiences instinctively through the lens of a brand? Is that a good thing or not? How will behavior tracking affect the process of information gathering, targeting, and branding?

Most important of all? What color day are you having.

P.S. Thanks to friends at #brandchat, Wednesdays 11am EST on Twitter who inspired the topic of brand dominators a few weeks back. Send me a direct message if you’d like a transcript.

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