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Make your brand selfish by experience

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When it comes to your Web 2.0 branded enterprise, OWN IT! Be selfish! Cultivate a unique, seamless experience that loyalists can claim and own (individually and collectively). Selfish is what you make of it — like building your own sandbox to share exclusively with BFFs.

How can a brand take “selfish” to the next level — and keep the tribe happy?

Here’s a suggested new measure (my own): Share of Experience.

Share of Experience represents the level of ownership a brand displays of a common life experience, and the customer bonding that ensues through seamless sharing by consumers, brand ambassadors, and the community at large.

Why this new term? After all:

  • Share of Mind refers to general awareness and predisposition;
  • Share of Wallet refers to purchase activity and sales, yet does not measure satisfaction; while
  • Share of Customer refers to LTVs and RFM models.

Each measure tracks a single attitude or activity. Share of Experience is the missing piece of the puzzle. It describes the level of empowerment achieved by followers, customers, loyalists and superfans.

Share of experience is already at work. The algorithm will follow.

Color: Let’s test share of  experience.

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