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Is Web 2.1 a Right or a Relationship?



Welcome to Web 2.1 Roundtable

Here’s what’s happening from the peak of the Web 2.1 paradigm, June 7, 2010

  • The UN is proposing that Internet access is a basic human right and cannot be withdrawn at the whim of a government.  This article from was posted by @eric_anderson
  • Back on the other coast, California lawmakers struck down privacy legislation of social networks. video report from was posted by @newsweb20.

What is the Web 2.1 Roundtable?

The Web 2.1 roundtable features select members from my great community of Tweeps. These colleagues represent every angle of Web 2.1

  • enterprise building
  • customer experience optimization
  • reporting and commenting

The platform allows me to curate and publish their tweets in a great visual magazine. Stories on business, education, and special hashtag categories like #smchat, #brandchat, and #marketing.

Please join the dialogue. What are your thoughts: Is Web 2.1, i.e., internet access a basic human right. Should privacy be regulated by government or self-enforced by marketers.

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