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Cyberwarfare bakes up sweet guerilla marketing


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Mojito cupcakes

The sweet success of non-marketing

Operation Cupcake, ABC News appeared on “Good Morning America, Weekend Edition” on Saturday, June 4th.

You’ll find the video below. The news feature is heartening in a red-white-and-blue way. It’s tasty in telling the story of two small-town bakers. Best part?

It’s a non-marketing marketing dream come true that should win a Clio, except that there’s not a category to describe it!

Here it is: An 8-step recipe of organic global engagement, enhancement, and empowerment.

  1. Two bakers enter and win coveted “Best Cupcakes in America Award” from the Ellen DeGeneres Show.
  2. British Intelligence searches for and finds Recipes in Cyberspace.
  3. Terrorists click for recipes of home-made bombs.
  4. Recipe for cupcakes listed above launches instead.
  5. Story gets featured on Good Morning America
  6. Ordinary folks (yours truly) see the story and share.
  7. Marketing bloggers (yours truly) post to their blog and spread the word.
  8. Bakers smell the sweet success of word of mouth.

BONUS: And did we say “free”? Can’t imagine how to calculate the ROI.

Here’s the article, Operation Cupcake, of the Mojito Variety, foils Al Qaeda. By Olivia Katrandjian, ABC Good Morning America (June 4, 2011).

Can you spot the real social media backstory?

Inviting (“provoking” in social media) “Ellen DeGeneres Show” viewers to submit their recipe for the best cupcakes in America is what got it all started. So the funnel, it seems, for social media is always open and leads where it will. The end of one marketer’s funnel becomes the beginning of another’s funnel. In this case, just a major international intelligence enterprise. That’s one for the textbooks.

Can you beat this non-marketing success story?

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