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My Delicious tags smackdown: May 2011


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EAMCC's delicious tag cloud, may 2011

Cross-platform rocks!

Delicious bookmarking is back up to speed in May. The tags continue to spotlight engagement through all phases of the customer cycle. Whether the platform is social, retail, or mult-platform, CRM grows as the core for building and maintaining a brand.

It’s easy to understand engagement, branding, and crm go hand in hand in hand. It’s when you look at the full stream of May bookmarks that you see what completes this robust four-square handshake: technology-driven new media.

  • New iPad technology, for example, provides greater opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurs and enterprises find ways to monetize and optimize customer experience at every touchpoint.

Whether it’s on a Twitter chat, in a boardroom,  or overheard at Starbucks, marketers and advertisers asking: How do we define “experience”? How do we shape the process? Who is accountable for the results? Old-time AIDA doesn’t go far enough.  Instead, it’s time for a virtual, 100% scalable new Social Media Engagement Rule that marks and measures four steps: Provoke, connect, share, and own.

Here are five Delicious bookmarks (May 2011) that summarize the current SoMe landscape of engagement and empowerment.

Please scan the heads, click, through, and post your comments below— chime in with related articles! Do you bookmark on Delicious? Then follow me at eamcc.

The obvious mobile connection brands are overlooking –

By Eric Harber ,  May 24, 2011
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Is mobile an ad channel or social channel. Say yes to either and you’re wrong. It’s all about customers and relationship management. Does your brand have a crm plan for that?

Email Exclusive Campaign Blows Crocs’ Sales Projections – MarketingVOX

By MarketingVOX, May 20, 2011
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Quick check of the power of e-mail to deliver results. Describes added value of facebooking. From Marketing Vox.

Amazon, Netflix, Avon Top Customer Satisfaction List – Marketing Daily

By Sarah Mahoney , Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 8:00 AM
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Brands that get it right online do so with outstanding customer service, says new ForeSee Results rankings. Direct-to-consumer vendors top the list.

QR codes enhance the in-store experience – Direct Marketing News

By Tim Peterson  May 01, 2011
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Savviest retailers “employ” QR codes to serve as in-store personal shoppers with links to apps featuring celebrity spokespeople.

Sen. Rockefeller: Get Ready for a Real Do-Not-Track Bill | Digital – Advertising Age

  • provoke new customers
  • engage existing customers, and
  • empower as many customers to own the brand and the experience.

Still, in this open space of behavior-based, targeted marketing, privacy enforcement and regulation is heating up. No matter how far along the 3.0 Enterprise path, each brand operation needs to pay close and considerable attention to:

  • spotting opportunities
  • setting and maintaining individual best practices, and
  • shaping industry-wide guidelines.

What’s your experience?

Are enterprises getting it right for engagement that entices, encourages and empowers customers? Sign on to (even subscribe to this blog) and share your comments.  You can also bookmark or share with a colleague.

Best, E.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to MediaPost, MarketingVOX, Direct Marketing News, Advertising Age. Wordprint created with Wordle ™  © 2011 Jonathan Feinberg. Wordprint content © 2011 All rights reserved.


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