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Check your dictionary, Abercrombie!


Okay, so I’m not anywhere near to being an Abercrombie community member, influencer or wannabee. Do I think the retailer’s adventure into push-up tween swimsuits is sordid? Well yes. There are real-mom blogs that have pushed back Abercrombie and won. But then again, lost.

As a somewhat of an old-timer who remembers the days when much direct marketing was, indeed, junk, Abercrombie does direct marketing, and copywriting a bad turn.

One day, the product feature is described as “padded.” In response to consumer hub-bub and a quick-change of html, the same product feature is described as lightly lined. My question is to Abercrombie is, with what? How deep is the lining?

If Abercrombie did this with inventory, it would be called bait and switch. Instead they’ve pulled a bait and switch with words, plain and simple. A pity for the copywriter and coder who just had to do their jobs.

It does point to a deeper issue of relationship marketing for Abercrombie. Do they really have so little regard for their ultimate customers, the parents who will be buying the product? Or do they deserve each other?



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