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2010 Delicious Bookmarks: The Year of Privacy



Privacy and behavior tracking rank as the two topics that drive a year’s worth of media and marketing bookmarks.

  • For consumers, attitudes appear to have shifted around the subject of privacy. Privacy equals empowerment. By opting in to a customized Web 2.0 experience, consumers get the micro-customized (i.e., de-cluttered) experience they seek, shared by peers sitting in the same pews and preaching their brand.
  • For marketers and advertisers, this indicates an imperative to develop and implement guidelines for “opting in.”


Thanks to many great publications where you can find the full titles: Advertising Age, DM News, American Express Open Forum,, MarketingVox, MediaPost,, and Also a nod to the British Psychological Society for researching the difference between branding and bragging.

The top tag is Marketing. My featured bookmark looks into QR codes.

1. Marketing

Testing a Bar Code Technology for Smartphones –

by Elizabeth Olson
Published: October 25, 2010

Part billboard, totally response, new ad campaign engages viewers to respond with a QR code.
Tags: Marketing, engagement, media, qr_codes, smartphones, technology


2. Social Media

AT&T Connects With BazaarVoice to Include Facebook Ratings on Main Website – MediaPost

by Mark Walsh
Published: December 29, 2010

AT&T connects with BazaarVoice to include Facebook ratings on main Website. This leading-edge empowerment tool helps consumers gain confidence in their product choices and wins loyalty for the brand long-term.
Tags: Social-media, consumer-reviews, engagement, enhancement, Facebook, MediaPost


3. Branding

BPS Research Digest: How to brag – British Psychological Society

BPS Research Digest (blog)
Published: January 13, 2010

Like good branding, bragging is an art. What distinguishes shameless self-promotion from engagement? New studies indicate it’s about popping the right content into the right context.
Tags: Branding, entrepreneurs, promotions


4. Business

Why Your Next Business Card May Be Virtual : Technology :: American Express OPEN Forum

by Josh Catone
Published: June 17, 2010

Is there a conversion rate for business card exchange that leads to business? Experience says no. This author expresses woe to the printed business card.
Tags: Business, business-cards, virtual, marketing, lead-development


5. Advertising

Marketers Get Ready to Release iPad Ad Campaigns –

by Suzanne Vranica and Emily Steel
Published: April 1, 2010

Nike, Fidelity Investment, and MillerCoors just some of the advertisers ready to greet first iPod users. Is this the next big platform publishers have been seeking?
Tags: Advertising, content, marketing, publishers,


6. Engagement uses puppets to promote customerservice network – DMNews

by Diana Dilworth
Published: March 18, 2010 built its brand through word-of-mouth and customer service. New ad campaign re-tells the story.
Tags: Engagement, advertising, customers, e-commerce


7. Tips

Quantity or Quality? Six Ways Brands Can Quantify the Reach of Social Networks –

by Danny Flamberg
Published: September 27, 2010

Look for patterns, assign a value, and measure from there. Brand strategist weighs in on urgent need for advertising community to start assigning value to social media commodities, from sites to communities and more. Valuable opinion piece with tactical advice that any marketer can apply.
Tags: Tips, advertising, brands, measurement, social-media, social-networking


8. Web 2.0

Proposed Web Rules Aim to Protect Online User ~ Video – PBS NewsHour

by PBS NewsHour
Aired on: December 27, 2010

Should the Government Control Who Tracks You Online (podcast) Great overview of blocking, tracking, and self regulation. It’s definitely worth a 10-minute listen. Immediately, you’re back in a classroom, looking at the web world on your screen. You’re thinking both as a consumer and a creator.
Tags: Web 2.0, donottrack, FTC, opa, PBS, privacy,


9. Direct Marketing

Behaviorally Targeted Pilot Aims To Educate Consumers – MediaPost

by Laurie Sullivan
Published: November 17, 2010

Interesting findings from Publishers Clearing House (PCH) Pilot program. Consumers were informed about setting privacy and behavior-targeting preferences. They were empowered to set their own limits. By a significantly high margin, informed consumers in this pilot expressed contentment with behaviorally targeted ads. Is this unique to PCH customers or does it indicate a trend for all consumers?
Tags: Direct-marketing, behavior-targeting, consumer-privacy, marketing


10. Tools

Nielsen Unveils Online Ad Measurement Tool – Marketing Vox

by Marketing Vox
Published: September 27, 2010

By turning a pixel of data into a digital key code, Nielsen can provide online advertisers the RFM view they’ve been seeking. A new program offers “reach, frequency and Gross Rating Point (GRP) measures…”. The method maintains individual privacy while providing the quantifiable numbers advertisers seek.
Tags: Tools, advertising, measurement, Nielsen, online, RFM, rankings


Bonus Tag !

11. Strategy

Pepsi’s World Cup Campaign Infiltrates Viral Chart – Advertising Age

by Michael Learmonth
Published: March 11, 2010

“…2.5-minute “Oh Africa” is the first World Cup ad to make the viral chart.” Campaign for Pepsi goes viral at the 2010 World Cup while Coca-Cola stepped up to serve as “official” sponsor. The classic battle of the lead and competitive brands enters a new decade. Coke opts for classic marketing; Pepsi strikes at innovative strategy to do battle on Coca-Cola’s high-priced turf.
Tags: Strategy, Ad-Age, creativity, campaign, Pepsi, viral, World-Cup

Here are the aggregate Delicious tags from these top 10: Marketing, media, QR codes, smartphones, technology, Social-media, consumer-reviews, engagement, enhancement, Facebook, MediaPost, Branding, entrepreneurs, promotions, Business, business-cards, virtual,  lead-development, Advertising, content, publishers,, customers, e-commerce, Tips,  measurement, social-networking, Web 2.0, Facebook, privacy, Direct-marketing, behavior-targeting, consumer-privacy, Tools, measurement, Nielsen, online, RFM, rankings, Strategy, Ad-Age, creativity, campaign, Pepsi, viral, World-Cup


Media and Marketing in 2011: Predictions

An old-school marketing colleague recently argued, “privacy isn’t a right.” Ouch! no wonder some arms of marketing still carry a bad reputation. Right or no, doing business with consumers and winning their loyalty is a privilege. That’s where I’ll be in 2011. So keep coming back for monthly bookmark reviews here.

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What tags would you recommend? Post your comments here. Let’s ring in a robust 2011!

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