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Tag Cloud Reveals: The BFFs of Branding


Quick: Think November 2010 was all about brand? Ka-ching!

You’re correct according to my delicious tag cloud.

Word Cloud, Nov. 2010 Delicious tags

2010: Holidays and SMM go hand in hand

Branding continues to increase its tagging weight every month. Now it links to every venue of advertising, marketing, experience and buzz. The three featured brands were Vaseline, Molson-Coors, and Mr. Peanut. An interesting combination, don’t you think?

The next-level of tags confirms the brand-heavy news dialogue.

Tag Cloud, Top 5 Delicious Bookmarks, eamcc

BFFs: Brands and experience

Branding and engagement rise to be clear winners — and BFFs. Articles describe brands, campaigns, and technology that help engage consumers at more touchpoints. Brands also use use social media to research the hottest keywords (Vaseline), then engage bloggers to write shared consumer concerns and experiences.

What’s the most challenging story?

You can see it right there (lower right): Nielsen US. Nielsen has noted errors in its tracking system. How will this impact measurement and effectiveness ratings? Will this reinforce the cautious attitude of many brand marketers and traditional advertisers?

What’s your experience?

What is the one tag you’re watching or the key topic you’ll follow up on as we approach 2011? Please post your comments here, tag this article, or share with friends.


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