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Delicious Marketing: November’s Top 5 Bookmarks


The ground is definitely shifting in Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, and Consumer 2.0. That’s what my November 2010 bookmarks indicate. They’re well worth the read before taking on a new project or proposing campaigns for 2011.

A month-end review of 25 compiled articles includes more trends, fess-ups, and potential battles than actual campaigns. Not what you’d expect from your average creative director, I guess. Why? Context, content, and technology are one, plain and simple.

Three featured-campaign articles, however, did catch my eye. Each describes an innovative use of technology to:

  • Engage consumer sweetspots through keyword search (Vaseline)
  • Enhance the internal brand experience of employees (Molson Coors) ; and
  • Empower digital consumers with q-codes for on-the-go (luxury brands category).
Bride of Frankenstein Move Poster

The Web 2.0 Wedding

Will it turn out as a campy horror story or a classic new age in advertising? Too early to tell. Here’s the part that concerns me, though: As advertisers, do we require behavioral targeting and other practices simply to understand consumers who are, quite literally, clearly different from previous generations. Right down to how they think. That’s research, not strategy. It’s close to invasive for me.  Here goes.

Growing Up Digital, Wired for Distraction –

By Matt Richtel
Published: November 21, 2010

The Digital Age has created a new generation with distinct brain patterns — it’s not pretty for educators or traditional marketers. As marketers, it’s a must to consider these issues when creating a strategy. Is behavioral targeting the Frankenstein of marketing?

Tags: multitasking, millenials, behavior-targeting,


How Molson Coors Brewed up Stronger Engagement – SmartBlog on Workforce

By Miri Zena McDonald (guest blogger)
Published: November 12, 2010

Engagement isn’t just for customers. Molson Coors started communicating with employees plainly and clearly. It wasn’t a mistake, but a mission.

Tags: engagement, workforce, employees, branding, SmartBrief


Nielsen Admits Big Problems With How Its Tech Measures Web –

By Michael Learmonth
Published: November 08, 2010

By fessing up to tech measurement issues, Nielsen re-opens question of effectiveness of Web advertising and engagement. What works and why?

Tags: url, Nielsen, web, measurement, effectiveness


Vaseline’s Ad Campaign Against Dry Skin –

By Tanzina Vega
Published: November 8, 2010

For a Vaseline Intensive Rescue campaign, the brand looked online for real conversations around words like “skin issues” and chose three bloggers to represent it. (

Tags: branding, crowdsourcing, spokespeople, bloggers,


The 5 Components of a Complete Social Media Program –

By Adam Kleinberg
Published: November 22, 2010

Looking to design an effective social experience for your brand? Consider this strategic framework.

Tags: socialmedia, experiential-marketing, IMedia, engagement


Is Web 2.0 making it harder to reach customers and hold their loyalty?

What’s your experience? Will a measure like lifetime value be redefined or become obsolete. Please post your comments here, then bookmark this article and share with a friend.

Best, E.


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