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Delicious October Tags: My Top 5


DMA, FTC, data-mining, and behavior-targeting. Each a minor tag in my Delicious word cloud (Oct. 2010), they tell THE major story in advertising, marketing and social media.

October 2010 delicious tags, marketing

Tech is Adglamorous

You’ve got it: technology and analytics.

Here are the top five articles for this month — from, clickz,, and the google social media blog.

Testing a Bar Code for Technology for Smartphones –
By Elizabeth Olson
Published: October 25, 2010

Part billboard, totally response, new ad campaign engages viewers to respond with a QR code.
Author notes how travel hubs offer prime testing advantages for interactive, out-of-home advertising, and tech-savvy consumers who come prepared to use their smartphones. The strategy is immediate response vs. long-term retention.

Tags: QR codes, technology, smartphones, media, marketing, engagement

Like it? Here’s more

Fear And Loathing At The Wall Street Journal –
By Michael Arrington
Published: Oct 18, 2010

This enticing, counter-view of privacy provides the best example of the role of data-mining and analytics in digital marketing. Columnist Michael Arrington derides for a “revealing” article about privacy gaps in Facebook apps.

Does privacy laissez-faire equal fair trade for Web 2.0 connectivity? Web 2.0 consumers can be described as “aware/don’t care” or people who “accept the don’t read/go for the greed of E-commerce”.

Tags: applications, privacy, social-media, data-mining, Facebook

Fragmentation, Optimization, Integration – ClickZ
By Neil Mason, sponsored by Adobe
Published: October 11, 2010

Highlights and reflections on October 2010 eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit in Washington, DC.
Columnist Neil Mason reflects on the irony of increasingly complex web analytic tools set to measure a “landscape” that is less than a decade old. Creative strategists, like myself, need a healthy awareness of these tools to achieve technology-driven goals of optimization, engagement and on-offline confluence of response.

Tags: fragmentation, optimization, integration, marketing

Ad Group Unveils Plan to Improve Web Privacy –
By Tanzina Vega
Published: October 4, 2010

Industry groups have launched transparency initiative re: behavior targeting. Special badge alerts consumers to ads that track behavior. A click-through icon allows consumers to opt out of the ad. Marketers may provide less-targeted ads or no ads. Author raises question is self-monitoring is sufficient in emerging war on prime (data).

Tags: privacy, behavior targeting, marketing, regulation, DMA

Google URL Shortener Gets a Website –
Published: Thursday, September 30, 2010 | 1:05 PM

Google launches website for its url shortener tool. Many features w/ api to come soon. Offers another reminder that data customization and visual rhetoric are here to stay.

Tags: Google, resources, url shortener, website

What it all means

Whether you practice advertising and branding, or marketing and social media, you need to be aware of the possibilities of technology. Still not persuaded? Whatever your job description or management responsibilities, technology influences your decision making.

What are your thoughts?

Will the chat about technology and analytics increase or reach a manageable level? Is technology taking over creative, marketing, and media strategy? Please post your thoughts here, bookmark this article or e-mail to a friend.

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