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Social Media Bookmarks: Measurement’s Hot


Feeding my delicious tags to Wordle helps me visualize how advertising and marketing news tags out. Measurement is off the screen for September 2010. How-to articles tag a close second.


September 2010 tags of marketing articles

My Sept 2010 tags

What it shows is the hot tug of war for e-commerce ad dollars.  Advertisers may want to allocate online ad dollars but, in order to be won over, they need to be able project results and compare them to traditional advertising channels. (Here’s a sly high-five to my fellow response-based marketers!)

Presenting my top five articles for reading and bookmarking (Sept 10):

Nielsen Unveils Online Ad Measurement Tool – Marketing Vox
Published: September 27, 2010

By turning a pixel of data into a digital key code, Nielsen can give online advertisers the RFM view they’ve been seeking. A new program offers “reach, frequency and Gross Rating Point (GRP) measures…”. The method maintains individual privacy while providing quantifiable numbers advertisers seek.
Tags: measurement, RFM, online, advertising, Nielsen, rankings

Quantity or Quality? Six Ways Brands Can Quantify the Reach of Social Networks – TalentZoo
Danny Flamberg
, Managing Partner at Booster Rocket
Published: September 27, 2010

Reach is the critical measure of traditional advertising. The author, a noted brand strategist, provides uncommonly simple strategies to maximize reach. He also offers the most compelling reason why brands need to measure it: “85 percent of users engage brands in the social media space”.
Tags: brands, advertising, social-media, measurement, RFM

Can You Guess The Average Age of a Facebook User [Infographic] – All
Nick O’Neill
Published: September 8, 2010

The average Facebook user may be older/younger than you think. Interesting repost of infographic published by Flowtown. Use it to brainstorm your fan page or advertising campaign.
Tags: demographics, Facebook, social-media

Tips for Growing Online Traffic and Sales That No One Tells You – Small Business Trends Radio
Staci Wood
Published: September 28, 2010

Posting a clear call-to-action is the make or break of of every sales-based website. Podcast interview with Anita Campbell offers this and many other helpful tips.
Tags: sales, website, traffic, call-to-action, tips

10 Commandments of Link Building – SEOmoz | YOUmoz
Scott Roemermann, Sr SEO Technician, Klikki
Published: September 14, 2010

Don’t be distracted by the 10 commandments contrivance. The tips are well worth it. The measure you’re going for is stickiness. The more you engage, the longer your visitor stays. Stickiness 101 is here to stay.
Tags: marketing, SEO, tutorial

What it all means:  Brand advertisers are now fully on board with social networks and online ad platforms.

Companies are developing technologies that quantify the impact of social networking. This alone is big news and a major shift: traditional ad models of measurement are being replaced with the “scientifically measurable” cornerstone of direct marketing. It was only a matter of time. In order to generate a revenue stream, social media had to bring the big advertisers on board. Before brands would reallocate ad budgets, they demanded research. Not the old qualitative kind, mind you. It’s quantitative, baby.

What are your thoughts on measurement and online ad success?

Has social media matured to the point where every advertiser will consider it seriously for their marketing mix? Please post your comments here, rate this article, and share with a friend.

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