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Branding: lessons from a window washer

Brooklyn, New York Brownstone

Excuse me, who cleans your windows?

Windows are a prized, capital asset—at least it seems that way in some neighborhoods. When you don’t have miles of green lawns or mc-mansions, these artful brownstone windows are impressive to look at—and a major challenge to maintain.

From a marketing standpoint, brownstone windows create an intriguing small business and branding question:

  • When you’re a window washer, how do you build your brand?
  • How can you engage new customers when you’re several flights up and hanging every which way from a building?

This branding/new business question struck me while passing by an outstanding solution. An independent window washer had parked their car locally. Spic and span, the car stood out against the other glum-looking autos still suffering from the lingering driblets of dusty raindrops. Even more, the window washer’s name was delightfully displayed on the micro-door. Even the size of the car bespoke efficiency!

Everything about the car engaged my attention. Sure, every business with a vehicle displays an advertising message.

This entrepreneur enhanced the experience. He/she had attached a business card holder to the rear side of the car—facing the sidewalk. Talk about call to action—this was empowerment!

What’s your experience of small business branding?

Have you been taught a major branding lesson in the oddest of spaces/places?

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Best, E.

Credits: Photo of : Park Slope Brooklyn, New York Originally uploaded by omphale44


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