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LinkedIn: Say Goodbye to Discussions

Scarlet Letter A,

LinkedIn Group Spam

LinkedIn Groups – take the good with the bad. The good comes with the variety and level of specialization. The bad — spam discussions.
Today, I opted-out of receiving my last LinkedIn weekly update from a group to which I belong.

LinkedIn discussions have become long-form classified ads.

The worst offender this week featured over 50 lines of copy (double-spaced between paragraphs that averaged two lines).  As an experiment, I even did a full screen view only to have to scroll down for the full content.

I’m not here to teach or preach like a cranky schoolteacher. Just simply announcing that I’m excusing myself and leaving the room. If LinkedIn is about professionals networking with professionals, then how does “spam” fit. Any personal branding is forsaken; even more, the integrity of the group is diminished.

That’s all for today. If you want me to attend your free webinar, conference, or personal coaching podcast, you’ll have to do a better job of finding and engaging me.

For some measured thinking on this subject, you can visit an earlier post that breaks out the basics: Seeing Yellow (Pages) in LinkedIn Discussions

What’s your opinion? How do you cope with the discussion madness?



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