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Media & Marketing bookmarks-3.31.10


Bookmarking buttonsThese nine featured marketing and media bookmarks suggest replacing “buyer beware,” with an even stronger refrain: “branders beware.”  [picapp align=”right” wrap=”true” link=”term=roller+coaster&iid=245491″ src=”0241/36d1be37-c47a-469e-a619-630af9881796.jpg?adImageId=11889319&imageId=245491″ width=”234″ height=”351″ /]

Compiled in late March, they fit nicely into three categories: technology, branding, and consumer experience. My thesis? Customer experience can no longer be ignored at any point in the the marketing, media, or technology curve.

Compiled on delicious from Ad Age, Markeing Vox, Imedia Connection, DM News, and American Express OPEN Forum®.

Media and Channels – tips, trends, and usage

5 tips from OpenTable in crafting your mobile strategy
Lawrence Coburn |
Published: March 24, 2010

OpenTable, a restaurant reservations site, is uniquely suited to mobile relationships. That calls for new mobile strategies. Author blogs highlights of Kelsely Marketplaces conference presentation.
Tags: marketing, mobile, strategy, tips

10 ways email marketing has fundamentally changed
Wendy Roth | Imedia Connection
Published: March 24, 2010

Email plays a critical role in closed-loop marketing. Here’s a look back at Email’s skill development.
Tags: Email, marketing, methods, strategy, trends

SocNet usage rises in Feb. – Marketing Vox
Marketing Vox
Published: March 22, 2010

Italy is the front runner for time spent; Americans account for over half of social network participants, says Nielsen study.
Tags: Social media, usage, reports

Brand Advertising – Strong words and hard truths

Distasteful ads hurt brand appeal – Marketing Vox
Marketing Vox
Published: March 26, 2010

It’s a new age of citizen consumers, reports new Adweek Media/Harris Poll. Consumers choose not to buy brands when they find ads offensive.
Tags: advertising, branding, consumer, engagement

The hardest working brands for 2009: The year of the Dog
Publisher: 24/
Published: March 17, 2010

Blogger reposts CoreBrand list of top brands based on share of market, and stock value. Kisses to Hershey for taking Number 1.
Tags: advertising, branding, business, marketing, reports

Pepsi’s World Cup campaign infiltrates viral chart
Michael Learmonth | Advertising Age
Published: March 11, 2010

“…2.5-minute “Oh Africa” is the first World Cup ad to make the viral chart.” Interestingly, Coke is the official sponsor of the event.

Tags: campaign, creativity, viral, strategy


And don’t forget the customer

Customer service is either great or terrible – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy (Abstract)
Jonathan Salem Baskin | Advertising Age – CMO Strategy (by subscription)
Published: March 22, 2010

“If customer service is made up of discreet events that are either good or bad, improving it might be far more profitable than apologizing for its shortcomings.”

Tags: advertising, customer-management, marketing, service
—— uses puppets to promote customerservice network – DMNews
Diana Dilworth | DM News
Published: March 18, 2010 built its brand through word-of-mouth and customer service. New ad campaign re-tells the story.
Tags: advertising, customers, e-commerce, engagement

Quick customer touchpoints: marketing :: American Express OPEN Forum®
Chris Brogan, New Marketing Labs | American Express OPEN Forum
Published: March 16, 2010

Timing, technology, and media enrich the customer relationship; begin with the proper perspective.
Tags: customer-management, engagement, social media, touchpoints


Conclusion – who brands whom?

As always, technology and marketing converge head on. Later on, consumer preference (i.e., usage) weigh in. Then begins the push-pull of branding and relationships.  Who brands whom?

We’re seeing this story play out for social media as it did for Email and so on. Keep your eye out for 4square.

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