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Marketing Glossary Update: WIIFM


WIIFM. Business acronym, “What’s in it for me?”.

Make room in your marketing glossary for this blunt buzzword.

Yes, it’s in-your-face in a Studs Terkel kind-of-way. More than ever, consumers are cautious, skeptical, or downright wary at the earliest stages of shopping and buying.

  • Whether the consumer openly shuns your brand or skulks the farthest interest horizons before entering the loyalty pipeline, it’s a question never to be ignored: “What’s in it for me?”
  • Marketers should always be able to respond more kindly WIIFT, “What’s in it for thee.”

How do you gain and maintain customer focus?

For one of the most delightful lessons in customer focus, pick up a copy of Lester Wunderman’s Being Direct: Making Advertising Pay. As a young delivery person in The Bronx, he assumed an “elevator” customer to be more profitable than the one who lived in a walk-up. The walk-up customer tipped him one day and shared her two-cents of WIIFM. He named the experience direct marketing and the rest is history.

Shunosaurus dinosaur


Has a consumer response ever startled your presumptions as a marketing professional?

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