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Quote of the Week: Personal branding


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Think of your personal brand as a business card; your business brand as a customer receipt (i.e., promises and expectations).

— Elizabeth McCaffrey, #brandchat March 3, 2010

Personal branding and product branding. The first rises and falls in its fame, glamour, and importance. For entrepreneurs, personal branding comes first. It pulls investors, publicity, and so on. That’s why I relate personal branding to a business card. It’s your introduction that first engages prospects and stirs up the motion of the conversion pipeline.

Once your product or brand is launched however, it stands by its own merits based on customer satisfaction. Customer expectations ultimately mold and shape it; confirming the viability of the brand’s promises. That’s why I’ve suggested a receipt as the humble counterpoint to the business card metaphor.  Receipts are always in the customers’ hands along with their perceptions and recollections of engaging with your brand.

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What’s your experience of branding for entrepreneurs and small businesses?

What’s your experience of personal branding vs. branding a company’s product or services? Should the two be managed:

  • separately
  • as a superbrand (your personal brand) with the products as extension
  • as related entities with cross-fertilization?

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