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Marketing Quote of the Week: Social Media


5. Listen First

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It takes two!

Sharlyn Lauby, president Internal Talent Management

HOW TO: Implement a Social Media Business Strategy
in (12.28.09)

This gem of a quote  defines the unique value of social media. After one or two reads on the subject of social media, you appreciate the importance of real-time engagement that begins with authenticity.

To be authentic in social media (and branding), however, you have to step back even further and loosen the reins. That’s true whether yours is a large enterprise that’s pressured to make the leap, an advertiser that needs to extend the reach of your brand, or a business professional concerned with self-branding.

Social is a medium of listening (can’t you feel McLuhan hovering by?).  If you’re going to engage your audience in the sphere of social media, you have to be be willing to respond to the pressures, concerns and sways of your community. And that can only come with listening and dialogue.

For traditional enterprises, that’s no easy task. Advertisers research and watch, marketers propose and test; organizations mold employees. Lauby, a consultant in employee training and human resources begins her article by referring to Luis Ramos, CEO of The Network. She then goes on to shape a 5-point plan to help companies evolve its social media consciousness and link employees to customers not based on a proposition but existing culture, attitudes, and preferences.  

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What’s your experience?

Please share how social media strategy or networking has changed your listening skills and your appreciation of it’s value in shaping an open organization.

Will “listening” become the biggest trend of 2010? Post here or share with colleagues.


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