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Convenience never goes out of style


B2B advertising, Convenience

Stall at a trade fair advertising and displaying Neopost “A Post office on your own premises” 1930

Originally uploaded by National Library NZ on The Commons

With all the new media and business to business models, had to stop and smile at this trade show display of an interior post office that companies could contract for managing mail services.

Modifiers like “Neo” were particularly common in the ’30s which also sweetens the timeliness of the product. (The copywriter in me has to smile at the double quotes around “Neopost”.)

Is there a lesson in here? Convenience, efficiency, and breakthrough services never go out of style when developing business-to-business marketing. Just to see, I clicked through to see the home page for a new paperless postal platform launched this past fall. Sure enough, convenience and efficiency are front and center along with the hottest motivator — paperless.

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