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A brief week of bit.lys in media and marketing

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Week of 12.21.09

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The bit.lys (shortened urls) were brief this past week. Partly from the news and partly from my schedule.

Attract Loyal Customers By Creating A Magnetic Brand (BJ Bueno, MediaPost Publications, December 22, 2009, 9:20 AM)  As a response-based marketer, starting with the customer comes naturally. That’s why it’s surprising and refreshing to read articles that link customer relationships and brand-building. Bueno features, Zappos, and Netflix.

The challenge is word-of-mouth and influence. It’s hard to measure and manage, leaving it somewhat marginalized by some experts. But it’s importance cannot be overlooked.

Life Expectancy in U.S. Hits New High (Steven Reinberg, HealthDay News, December 16, 2009) Found this to be the most important news for marketers and businesses. Surprisingly, it was tweeted or bit.lied by only four other readers. If life expectancy is growing, then businesses, marketers, and brands need to consider new forms of engagement, relationship, and value drivers. Generalizing from my friendships with several ladies in their eighties, I suggest the “simplicity.”


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