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Test and visualize your online persona


Put aside all the books, tags, and tweets about personal branding and keyword optimization. Here’s one of the simplest personal branding and keyword testing tools I know.

Created by Aaron Zinman of MIT, this search tool visualizes your online persona by mining public data for the name you enter.  Since data mining doesn’t discriminate, the results can be confusing. For example, I share my keyword with a robust motor club around the globe!

Every marketer knows that and is working to optimize the integrity of data.  Every personal brander and business professional knows to conduct a regular search for their name for networking and reputation management. But what about your persona? Yes, I can know that my reputation is squeaky clean with recommendations to prove it. Twitter grades and counters also give numbers.

But what about your persona? After all, isn’t that what social media — and especially blogging — is about? That can be tricky and grey — a color algorithms don’t like much. So for a test, I entered my personal keyword/moniker and here’s what I learned about how the Internet sees my persona.

Visualized keyword, eamcc

How you look, in data

“Online, management, fashion, professional, design, education” popped up. The results fit my intentions, which was quite pleasing. Interesting that legal came up as a category. But then, I’m careful to register my all my content through Creative Commons, so it’s no surprise.

Try it — see what happens.

Use it as a quick tool to see your brand and persona in the numbers. Then I hope you’ll report back here and share your experience.


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