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Keynote Video: Email Insider Summit 2009


Fascinating track about age patterns and email usage. Great thought piece for all marketers in planning strategies. Wow. Use of social networks increases use of email.

As a creative person, learning these patterns is invaluable in crafting compelling, engaging conversation. It helps me set the stage of the chat, plotting content, context, and setting an overall tone.

  • Do your patterns match the research?
  • Do your behaviors change for personal, business, and permission-based e-mail communications?
  • How do you, as a marketer, apply this research to developing new creative and/or marketing strategies.

Most fascinating for me is mention of reasons why people follow brands on Twitter and other networks. It’s the coupons and discounts. Does this mean we’re back to silos of marketing and advertising or funnels of pushing customers through a sales pipeline?

For me, it’s a definite no as the customer owns the brand, like it or not, in the mind of today’s customer. Especially younger customers. So that attitude is not going away but growing. It will, to borrow from the speaker, become a “workhorse” attitude that marketers must accept as a baseline. Engagement begins and remains with the customer. Authenticity, courtesy, and empowerment become the “product” that brands will offer customers.

Read on for numerous examples of brands like Outback that grow their list in response to Facebook and Twitter promotions.  Of course, the story’s just beginning. But it’s definitely in need of review. And as response marketers, it’s our role, vision, passion to test and retest, learn and refine.

Borrowing from Marshall Field, “Give the lady what she wants.” We, as marketers, just need to keep on track in real-time.


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