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Seven fresh links in marketing and writing



My click-throughs keep rising!

Here’s a recap of this week’s real-time shares on Twitter, along with annotations about what sparked my interest, preview and initial click-through.

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Direct Sales Slide at Nieman Marcus (Multichannel Merchant, 12.10.09)

  • Luxury retailer Nieman Marcus prepared for reduced sales with reduction in inventory vs. prices.  These bottom-line, back-room choices show great forethought in protecting the brand’s integrity and its sweet spot in the hearts of customers.  Buying less and paying less are entirely different matters. Tags: marketing, retail, luxury

Location Matters: How Ad Environments Affect Performance (Dean Donaldson, Advertising Age Digital Next, 12.10.09)

  • Banner ads, the author argues, have become a game of ad size at the expense of strategic placement. Strategic placement, in turn, links implicity to creative content and strategy. Tags: advertising, media, placement, online ads

About Google Wave (Google I/O 2009)

  • Early testers of Google Wave may be surprised that colleagues you invite — including some designers and traditional marketers — may be dimly to unaware of Google Wave. This 1-hour video offers developers a preview of Google Wave and the opportunities it provides to take e-mail, community, and collaboration to the next level. Tags: Google Wave, social networking, community

Word of the Day: Traumatophobia (Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus, 12.10.09)

  • Traumatophobia is not a word that will boost your search page rankings. Still, it’s good for writers and all creatives to kick back and have fun with language.  As I teased on Twitter, it’s “A word you can’t afford in a recession.” Tags: creativity, words, writing, word-of-the-day (WOTD)

Word of the Day: Evanescent (Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus, 12.05.09)

  • Another word for poets and literary reviews. Last Saturday, I challenged tweeples to use Evanescent in an tweet. Lots of click-throughs but no takers. How ’bout you? Tags: creativity, words, writing, word-of-the-day (WOTD)

Why Rich Consumers Matter More (Yahoo! News, from Rick Newman, U.S. News & World Report, 12.04.09)

  • Yahoo! News reports that the rich are inching back to pre-recession spending patterns. In running the numbers, the article reports that the rest of us should take comfort in this news as it’s an early indicator of recovery. Tags: retail, marketing, luxury, recession

Monkeys Recognize Their Pals in Photos (Yahoo! News, from HealthDay, 12.04.09)

  • Fascinating article on any account. Still for me as a creative person, it provided some humor and relief to the discussions over ad impressions, recall, and retention. So many argue that focus groups are dead, I twittered “Mmm…marketing application”? Tags: marketing, research, recall

One article, in particular, rattles my creative mettle — “Location Matters: How Ad Environment Affects Performance.” Let me work out my thoughts this weekend and post Monday. Best all.
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P.S. Please send your comments about any of these articles or post links to related subjects.


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