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A self-portrait in 100 tags

Self Portrait of Delicious tags

How would you like those numbers? A bookmarking self-portrait

Every measure counts to response-based creative geeks like myself. And never more so than when the market is changing so rapidly. Then there are the Millenials who are leading the way in new marketing and social behaviors and boomers giving up their old behaviors. That recession is here one day and gone the next depending on the latest financial indices. So it’s no wonder this tag portrait is filled with social media, metrics and paradigms shifting faster than we can blog about them. Here are my favorite bookmarks with their accompanying tags.

6 Must Read Posts about the ROI of Social Media

Bookmarked: October 28, 2009

My Tags: social-media, roi, articles, summary

Why it caught my eye: A post that compiles relevant posts is always welcome. Especially when the subject of Social Media ROI is so hot, arguable, and fluid.

Shoe Maker Wants to Prove Africa can Provide a Competitive Edge

Bookmarked: 10/20/2009

My Tags: empowerment, startup, business, entrepreneur

Why it caught my eye: Perseverance and empowerment underly the story of  Tal Dehtiar, a recent Canadian business school grad and member of MBAs Without Borders. He’s seeking to manufacture in Africa and sell in the US. US consumers get style and buzz while the African workforce becomes empowered and communities develop. Makes for an inspiring read in these bail-out days.

Customer Competencies, Co-Creation, and Brand Communities

Bookmarked: 10/20/09

My Tags: Brand, community, consumer, research

Why it caught my eye: Organic, tribal community creates perplexity for advertisers and agencies. Perplexity is not a word that fits easily in a traditional marketing mix. The author provides great background and support to consider the subject.

A Small Business Guide to Wikis

Bookmarked: 10/05/09

My Tags: wiki, guide, marketing, mashable, howto

Why it caught-my-eye: Ben Parr, the author, notes that wikis are ultimately a “communications model” so of course the article caught my eye. Wikis are becoming a powerful tool for small businesses to engage their communities on a level and with precision that traditional CRM and database marketing never allowed.

Will the Future of Advertising Be a Blend of Old and New Media?

Bookmarked: 10/01/09

My Tags: marketing, social media, advertising, Google, Wharton, future, study

Why it caught my eye: I collect resources the way designers collect color swatches. This article describes a new joint initiative of Wharton and Google for discussing, surmising, and previewing new practices in advertising. You’ll find it on a Fast.Forward, a new YouTube channel/site.

What are your tags? What articles have you bookmarked this month? Is there one way in which advertising has changed — forever — this month?

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