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10/30/2009 logo

bit.lyHere are my top five articles shortened with this week. Each was worth a tweet, received a significant number of click-throughs from my Tweeples, and met my blog goals for engagement, enhancement, and empowerment.

As you might expect, there’s still much news of marketing awards, research and advice.  Even in a recession, awards, spending, and customer relations goes on. To get similar’s in real-time, simply follow me on Twitter.

1. Engagement +5

OgilvyOne Wins 16 at 2009 DMA ECHO Awards . John Smith, MediaNews International, October 25, 2009.

This makes Ogilvy the top winner at this year’s International ECHO Awards, sponsored by The Direct Marketing Association.

2. Engagement +4

Maintaining Solid Relationships with Clients, Investors and Vendors. Julia Rogers, Recessionwire, October 12, 2009.

Rogers provides three key points that every service provider needs to remember, with practical suggestions for keeping relationships afloat during recessionary cycles.

3.  Engagement -5

Accidental Purchases: Blame Package Design. Aaron Baar, Marketing Daily Wednesday, October 28, 2009, 12:38 PM.

Baar notes that consumers reach and buy what they don’t intend to the tune of $2 billion annually.  Strategy and design agency The Brand Union discovered this shocking number in a recent new study.

4.  Enhancement +5

BLI Messaging Wins Future Innovators Award at Direct Marketing Association Show. Reuters.

With the inauguration of this new award, the Direct Marketing Association honors companies that help take the marketing industry to the next level. BLI Messaging has launched a new multi-channel portal for launching digital campaigns.

5.  Empowerment +/-

National Novel Writing Month. National Novel Writing Month Organization.

While off-Tweet and off-blog, this new annual novel-writing phenomenon is worth a, if for nothing more than a great example of social tribal behavior. Will I participate? Hmm, if I can write a novel of cooking all my mom’s favorite recipes in a single day from a single kitchen. That would surely meet the word requirements.

What articles did you find most helpful this week? Did you find these or other points helpful? Post your thoughts here.


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