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DRTV and SMS generate beautiful response


Join me in a commercial break. If you were watching this DRTV ad at home, would you be closer to your computer or your cell phone?

When given a choice, responding viewers chose SMS hands down. So much so that ads featuring an SMS option lifted response 325%* according to an article

Numbers like these deserve a pause — and applause. That’s why I’m blogging here, and bookmarking the article to Campaigns like these provide us, as direct marketers, with a clear call to assimilate the the touch points of Web 2.0 living in every direct marketing campaign. Going the traditional route of generating response is no longer enough.

Conclusion: Take that, 40-40-20 formula**

Call to action

Channel interest directly

Reading campaign profiles like this make me smile a little smugly. This strategic thinking is purely creative development at its best.

Building on research and marketing propositions, the creative team developed and placed the call to action precisely where it could garner the most attention, generate response, and prompt positive buzz.

In addition, the wording of the call to action was sharp enough and functional enough to generate response.  Beautiful design always reflects form and function. This DRTV ad shows both and helps inspire other creatives and students of direct and interactive marketing.

*Lift refers to the relative increase in response due to the addition of a particular tactic such as a call-to-action that prompts an SMS response vs. a click through to a Website.

** Direct marketing success is made up of 40% offer, 40% list, and 20% creative.



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