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INSEAD – Leadercasts-Nivea


Consider a well-known brand like Nivea and ask yourself, “Who represents the best sales person for the brand and its line of skincare products? Sales people (trade and consumer), employees, or actual buyers and customers?

Thomas-B. Quaas, CEO of Biersdorf, manufacturer of Nivea, offers strong opinions and expertise on the question. A careerist of this 125-year old global giant, he stresses management and growth of a “personal, cultural element.” This video provides an interesting review of respect and empowerment as capital assets. Vodpod videos no longer available.

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After watching this video (Note: the first minute is a bit dry, but well worth the wait), I have to throw my hat into the ring labeled “employees.”  Empowering employees to offer opinions, share expertise, and contribute to building product, process and brand, strengthens the company as a whole. That’s consensus— measured as brand value.

What are your thoughts?

  • Are employees your best sales people?
  • Have you worked in “green” management systems that build and sustain employees?
  • Given the trend to multiple careers and shorter terms of staff-employment, is this type of environment on its way out.
  • If so, what will take its place?


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