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Why Outsourcing Empowers your Branding and Marketing


There’s no Personal Branding Without Common Sense (my recent Urban Bellwether post) bemoans an entrepreneur who confuses personal branding with do-it-yourself marketing.

Serendipity. In the same week, Humility and the Successful Startup, a Business Week blogpost, takes the entrepreneur’s point of view, and exhorts caution in considering this classic startup temptation.

Every skill set required to form a startup should be subjected to a make-or-buy decision process. In other words, if you don’t have it, outsource it.

Richard Mammone

The ultimate task manager

The ultimate task manager

The author provides great resources that every entrepreneur should consider. It’s great for startups tempted to brand themselves and their business. Creative and marketing consultants should refer to it when working with startups.

Interestingly, what I describe as common sense, Mammon refers to as humility. The two go hand in hand. It’s the simplest practices and attitudes that yield innovations with the best potential. Visualization maps can be key in sparking ideas.

What’s your experience of do-it-yourself branding?

As a startup, what challenges have you faced with outsourcing. Have the results of seeking branding experts delivered significant ROI?

As a marketing services provider, what are your experiences in mentoring startups in developing brands. How do you effectively repair well-intentioned but damaging do-it-yourself branding?


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