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Five Days in Five Tweets


Here’s a thin slice of Twitter for August 2009. News, authenticity, and social community that’s just 140 characters away. Every minute, every day.


Here’s the regular view.

Monday 8.24

@GuyKawasaki Cheer up! Wednesday is the most miserable day of the week: AC

Tuesday 8.25

@rdfrenchVia @BethHarte Talk about your iconic brands … Welcome @quakerpresident Mark Schiller to @Twitter. Quaker Oats tweets. Interesting.

Wednesday 8.26

@eamcc Mailbox ouch ! Pitch letter from luxury real estate person contains 10+ typos.

Thursday 8.27

@rww What Facebook Quizzes Know About You

Friday 8.28

Hell yes. Well said. RT @gialyons: Social Media is from Mars, Enterprise 2.0 is from Venus [blog post]

Thanks to all for your community.

If you’re new to Twitter, hope this shows you the possibilities. If you’re a Twitter loyalist, try stepping back and see the bigger picture or backstory of your weekly posts.

Do you see Twitter changing? Do you reassess your posts from time to time? Look forward to your comments.


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