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Tracking the social footprints to Starbucks free pastry


You can only debate, observe, or retweet social media for so long.

C 2009 Starbucks

© 2009 Starbucks

Then along comes one of your favorite brands and you’re in the media mix — without even knowing it! You’re in crowdsourcing bootcamp and  figure two ways out and up: First, share the buzz. Then,  Blog like there’s no tomorrow.

On a 7.21.09 morning, Starbucks free pastry (and the launch campaign) came and went.  No sooner had the carb-and-caffeine boost settled down when the questions arose:

•   What was the footprint of all this crowdsourced marketing?

•   What would it achieve?

•   How to respond to traditionalists grumbling, “Yes, but is it . . . <advertising>, <marketing>?”.

Share of Mind, Customer, and Wallet — the new measure

Crowdsourced marketing succeeds thanks to numerous footprints tread gladly and randomly. Sponsor footprints indicate the route. Influencers spread word of mouth, leaving soft footprints. It’s the sure footprints of loyal customers who leave their mark and firm up the trail(s).

What happened to the pipeline?

OverviewThink instead of  a honeycomb. On the morning of 7.21, free Starbucks pastry (err, the queen bee?) awaited as seemingly random micro activities came together as shared targeted behaviors for a few hours. Behaviors that would reinforce new loyalties going forward.

Share of Mind


Buzzing and pollinating

Initially, awareness and share of mind infuse the community at large through social networking that reaches out to the largest community; in-store to dedicated customers; and through word of mouth to the community at large and dedicated customers. This new awareness rises within an existing shared experience of Starbucks.

Share of Customer

Attitudes and Intentions shift

Building the honeycomb

Note how a dedicated community has emerged with shared intentions and targeted potential behaviors. This shows up in in a final, measurable phase.

Share of Wallet

Crowdsourced ROI - Sweet!

Crowdsourced ROI - Sweet!

Net: Measurable, targeted response.

Each consumer harvests their unique optimum level of relationship. Each defines their own path, in turn making the way easier for like-minded travelers and friends.

Take special note “repeat buyers.” This sweet spot pops up five times in Share of Wallet. That’s significant. Repeat buyers compound interest as your brand evangelists and proven loyalists.  They spark new hives of awareness, intention, and measurable behavior. And so on and so forth.


Just recently, in fact, I suggested Starbucks to a senior lady friend. In a choice of  Dunkin’ Donuts (near) vs. Starbucks (1/2 block away), I suggested Starbucks for the healthier eats and the accessible tables.  (Even dedicated wi-fi freelancers and grad students share their space generously.)  She was very happy with the choice.

What’s your experience of the campaign as a consumer or as a marketer. Are you satisfied with “share” as the most efficient measure of crowdsourced marketing? Look forward to your posts!

P.S. To see the whole social media map, click through to There’s No Clutter in Social Media


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