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Micro-blog postcard: 5 days in 5 tweets


Yes, yes, yes. The Twitterverse features so many killer apps for trending topics and activity. Take your pick of cloud- and chart-based visualization.

Something’s been missing — oh yes. Conversation! I was hoping for a macro-view of the conversation and my part in all the dialogue.

So for some healthy visual rhetoric, I turned again to Wordle

Principles, practices and stats are all the buzz (we 7.31.09)

In particular, @chrisbrogan popped the question on the difference between lead generation and relationship building. I weighed in quickly on the precise role and goal of each.

  • Lead generation (like the verb says to generate, begin) starts somewhere — even in the middle — to winnow qualified from non-qualified, interested from non-interested.
  • Relationship building considers the entire process, with lead generation serving a major and important role.

What are your thoughts on lead generation vs. relationship building?

  • Has relationship building, particularly in a new crowdsourced age, lost its luster and become passé?

Here’s something to read:

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P.S. The words “free pastry” in the card aren’t some subliminal form of blogging! I’m posting next week taking a backwards look at the breadcrumbs leading to and from free pastry day at Starbucks. Best, eam


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