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P.S. Starbucks Hearts Me 3


My previous post — P.S. Starbucks Hearts Me 2 — left me in a mad-dash search for the marketing back story of a P.S. appearing inauspiciously on the back of a bag.

When I flip the bag over to the front, there’s an interesting twist.

AIDA - Bag it!

Not your Boomer's AIDA

Sure enough! Here’s a classic awareness print ad as you’d find in a magazine. Classic integrated marketing launch (i.e., push) is turned on its head. Starbucks, the brand, gives away AIDA upfront — Awareness Interest Desire Action — to get buzz, WOM, and measurable loyalty further along.

Social media marketing: Where AIDA becomes IDAI

Already, I acted out my desire and so increased my awareness of and interest in a new conversation. I was engaged to and chose to follow a new path:

  1. Intention – to intentionally limit distractions of competing brand messages
  2. Desire – to fully experience the brand’s meaning and promises
  3. Action – to engage friends in the news and experience
  4. Interest – to accept the invitation and participate.

While it’s a strange-looking acronym to traditionalists, it’s here to stick: IDAI

Wow. Let’s see what happens.

Refreshed, I return to the studio and the blogger in me returns. First thing, I jump online and Google real food, simply delicious. (There’s some SEM for you!). Funny:

  1. I had bookmarked an article on the campaign several weeks back. Yet, my awareness was transparent. That’s just 1 of over 10,000 brands in my passive memory, according to Nielsen DeltaQual.
  2. I learned that there was a reward at the end of the funnel — free pastry on the 21st.
  3. I clicked once to the landing page.
  4. I accepted the invite  and clicked through to print the free pastry w/ purchase screen.

Napkins as a social media media message

Yes, I even notice the same copy (above) printing positive (black) on a Starbucks napkin. Not very tasty to my personal preferences. Still, it reminds me of those classic direct mail publisher’s notes. Like their FYI note-sized ancestors, every available space reinforces a personal experience and helps maintain interest as a means to close the sale now — or later.

Conclusion: Engagement

Now something I may have done unintentionally — going to Starbucks on the 21st — I may do intentionally. Even more I’ll be sharing the news with friends, or sending the link to friends. Not because I have to, but because it feels good to participate and, ultimately, empower others to consider healthier food choices.

Look for the final chapter.

In the meantime, what are your experiences of this new-fangled AIDA model? Have you experienced a brand and community long before you became aware of the marketing? Look forward to your thoughts — of course you can tweet this!


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